Game Changer

RYH Game Changer: Social Media Challenge Week 1

Hi Folks! Welcome to RYH’s Game Changer Challenge first social media quest! Remember, this is a great opportunity to add an additional 50 points to your week. If you are anything like me you may haw seen a few deductions during the week for snacking, stepping on the scale, or not…

Game Changer

The “Game Changer” Challenge — A Fun, Easy New Years Weight Loss Challenge

Rather than build people up on false pretenses and hopes, this year we decided to do something a little different for our AWESOME RemixYourHealth followers and anyone else who comes across this challenge. We can tell you this; we are not going to promise immediate change. Heck, we are not going to even promise visible results after the challenge is completed. Instead, we will promise you more awareness, a better understanding of your health behaviors, and hopefully create a foundation for you to make long-term, sustainable improvements and changes in your health.


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