Stretches to Survive Pregnancy… and Beyond

In addition to the sweets cravings and nose twitches (add that one as weird pregnancy symptom #235), I have also recently started having a bit of sciatic nerve pain due to my latest pregnancy. It’s definitely manageable and only seems to flare up if I’m on my feet too long…

Game Changer

The “Game Changer” Challenge — A Fun, Easy New Years Weight Loss Challenge

Rather than build people up on false pretenses and hopes, this year we decided to do something a little different for our AWESOME RemixYourHealth followers and anyone else who comes across this challenge. We can tell you this; we are not going to promise immediate change. Heck, we are not going to even promise visible results after the challenge is completed. Instead, we will promise you more awareness, a better understanding of your health behaviors, and hopefully create a foundation for you to make long-term, sustainable improvements and changes in your health.


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